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What Our Webtool Offers

Traffic Overview: Gain insights into total visits, unique visitors, and visitor behavior for your website.

Visitor Behavior Analysis: Understand visiting time, pages per visit, and other engagement metrics.

Page and Subdomain Insights: Identify popular pages, subdomains, and directories within your website.

Geographic Analysis: Explore the geographical distribution of your audience to tailor content and marketing strategies.

Traffic Sources: Determine where your traffic originates from, including direct visits, referrals, and social media platforms.

Outgoing Traffic Insights: Analyze where your website directs traffic to, informing outbound linking strategies and collaborations.

Company Information: : Showcase essential details about your organization, including contact information, employee count, funding details, and links to social media profiles.

Limitations to Consider

Data Accuracy: Interpret the data with an understanding of potential discrepancies due to user privacy settings and browser configurations.

Sample Size: Consider analyzing data over multiple periods and using additional analytics tools for a comprehensive understanding.

External Factors: Website traffic can be influenced by external factors such as marketing campaigns, industry trends, and global events.

Interpretation Complexity: Users may require familiarity with key metrics and industry benchmarks to derive meaningful insights.